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Eat the Season with Puddledub

Here at Puddledub, we love to include fresh ingredients that are in season in our recipes!

Eating seasonal, locally sourced produce helps to support the local economy. Not only that, it tends to be more flavoursome and nutritious due to its freshness. 
It also helps to reduce the energy, and associated co2 emissions that are needed to grow and transport the food we eat.  

In August, there is a massive range of vegetables in season. That means this is the perfect time to try out those new recipes!

Some vegetables in season in August:

– Beetroot

– Broccoli

– Carrots

– Cauliflower

– Courgette

– Cucumber

– Garlic

– Peppers

– Radish

– Tomatoes

We have put together some recipe ideas to help you Eat the Season! Check them out below:

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