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Top Tips For Cooking the Perfect Turkey

Cooking a whole turkey can be daunting especially if you have never had to cook one before. This year we know many of you will be cooking Turkey for the first time, that’s why we have created this guide to the perfect Turkey.

Our Top 5 Tips for Delicious Turkey

  1. Try adding finely chopped fresh sage or thyme into butter, slipping it under the skin for added flavour to your turkey whilst cooking. 
  2. Only stuff the neck end, leaving air space between stuffing and flesh. Bake extra stuffing in a dish or make into balls. Never stuff the cavity
  3. Place root vegetables and giblets in the bottom of the roasting pan for a sumptuous gravy base.
  4. To Carve a turkey, start by removing one leg. This will give you access to the breast meat for slicing.
  5. Love your leftovers. From curry to a turkey, brie and cranberry toastie, leftover turkey is a versatile ingredient post-Christmas.

How to Cook Your Turkey

With thanks to our friends at Scottish Craft Butchers we have the ultimate guide to cooking your turkey this Christmas.

Storing Turkey

Ensure giblets are removed. Place both giblets and turkey in the refrigerator.

Roasting Turkey

Cover flesh with soft butter. Cook breast side downwards for the first half of cooking time then turn 425° F / 220° C /Gas Mark 7 for one hour then 375° F / 190° C / Gas Mark 5.

Allow 15 minutes per lb (450g) plus 15 minutes for a bird up to 12lb (5.4kg). Over this weight allow extra 12 minutes per lb (450g) to 20lb (9kg); then 9 minutes for each extra lb (450g).

To test if cooked: Insert a knife where the leg joins the body; juice must be colourless and not pink.

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