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Top 7 Seasonal Pork and Apple Recipes

Are you looking to eat foods that are in season right now in the UK? Well September marks the beginning of apple season and pork and apple is a classic flavour-combination that’s hard to beat.

Running from September until February across most of the UK, apples are now available in many local greengrocers, farm shops and local farmers markets. You may even pick up some windfall apples from a neighbour or a friend if you ask around.

Cox's Pippin Apple is the best variety to cook with pork

What’s the best apple variety to cook with pork?

Whether you’re using Golden Delicious, Gala or Granny Smith, it doesn’t really matter too much. Essentially you want a nice ripe apple that will soften down easily when heated. Here at Puddledub, we think the Cox’s Pippin sets the benchnmark as we feel that just a little bit of sweetness works really well with the Puddledub Pork flavour.

Top 7 Seasonal Apple and Pork recipes

Here are 7 of our favourite Pork and Apple recipes. We’ve also detailed the pork cuts to use.

Love Pork Pulled Pork recipe

1.      Pulled Pork with caramelised Apples and Sage

This recipe has a great aroma as well as a delicious flavour.  We suggest a pork shoulder cut for this recipe. Our pork shoulders come in 1kg, 2kg and 3kg cuts and we advise approx 125g of pork per person.

2.      Slow Cooker Cider Pulled Pork

Again another fabulous aroma to this recipe. Perfect for the days when the temperature has dropped and Autumn is definitely here. 

We recommend shoulder joints for making pulled pork due to the blend of muscle tissue and fat in this cut, which makes it ideal to stay juicy and succulent when slow cooked over several hours. 

Browse our Pork Shoulder Cuts here

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Roast Pork Tenderloin and apples

3.      Pork Fillet/Tenderloin with apples

Not only is the pork delicious, but it’s roasted on top of sweet apples and onions. Savory, a touch of sweet and really easy steps in this recipe.

Pork tenderloin is the pork version of fillet steak. It is very tender as the name would suggest and can be cooked in one piece or sliced into medallions.

BBC Good Food Roast Pork

4.      Roast Pork with apples, cider vinegar and rosemary

Bit more time involved with this recipe but very rewarding with a really good mix of seasonal flavours #winning #combination

Delia Online Slow braised Pork belly

5.      Pork belly with bacon, apples and cider

Pork belly is one of our most popular cuts as it’s very economical but full of flavour. Browse our Pork Belly cuts

BBC Good Food Pork steaks with mustard and apple

6.      Mustardy Pork Steaks and Apples

Using Pork leg steaks which are extremely lean, this is BBC GOOD FOOD recipe is easy to follow. All prepped and cooked in 25 minutes.  We recommend Puddledub Pork Leg Steaks Roast Pork Loin and butternut squash recipe

7.      Pork loin with apples and butternut squash

Roast Some seasonal vegetables included in this recipe.

Browse our Puddledub pork tenderloin cuts. 

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Here at Puddledub we also make our own Pork and Apple sausages and Pork and Apple burgers. 

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