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Unsmoked Roast Ham – Bone-In



Our glazed ham has had the bone left in and has been mild cured for 2 weeks to allow the flavour to develop.
The whole ham weighs approx.7kgs and should feed approx. 25 people.
The half ham weighs approx 2.9kgs and should feed 12 people.

Our hams are a great way to feed a large group of people. This ham has the bone remaining for great depth of flavour, and also allows you to make stock once the ham is finished.

All our hams are mild cured for 2 weeks prior to cooking for the best flavour and texture.

Our glaze is made from cider, demerara brown sugar and mustard adding colour, flavour and texture to your baked ham.

Our delicious hams should be stored in a sealed package at the top of the fridge.
Ensure your fridge is set between 0-5 degrees celsius.

Our hams are freshly made and ready to eat!
Slice and enjoy.

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