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Our story


Homegrown Puddledub Pigs

When we started Puddledub we used only Duroc & Landrace bred pigs, which helped develop the flavour and texture our products we became known for. 

Our animal’s health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. This helped us establish our values and ethos with all our ingredients which we still stay true to today. Our suppliers are still local family farms, like us, who care for the environment and put animal welfare at the forefront of what they do.  

The puddledub farm: a family business

In the heart of West Fife, the sleepy village of Auchtertool can be found. It is here you will find our family farm where Puddledub started. 

The Mitchell family have farmed here at Clentrie Farm since 1905 and our family ancestors have farmed in this area of Fife for over 300 years. The Mitchell’s have reared pigs & livestock on our farm since our great grandfather Harry Mitchell came to the farm four generations ago. 


Our hand-reared pork comes from large white-Duroc pigs. We have a dedicated and loyal team who take time and care in what they do, to not only offer delicious products, but traceability and excellent customer service. We don’t believe in cutting corners. We never have. 

We make our pork how our ancestors have for generations; with time and care, producing pork that can be remembered for its flavour and superb taste.

We believe knowing where your food comes from is important and that’s why we offer a home delivery service.


We resisted the urging of friends to give up farming the pigs and instead turned to adding value to what we produced. I went on a butcher processing course and learned how to cure bacon and ham and manufacture sausages.

Our first bacon was made in 1999. I remember listening to a Farmhouse Breakfast broadcast when Nick Nairn raised the question “why can’t you get any decent bacon these days?”, so I sent off a few packs of our brand new dry-cured middle bacon to Nick. I came home to an answering machine saying “that is exactly what bacon should be like. It’s not often I taste a produce as good as that”.


Since 1999 we have built a reputation as Scotland’s finest Bacon and Pork Producer. Puddledub is one of the few producers in the UK that really does offer pork from “farm to fork”. Genuine provenance is a key part of our business.

We carefully hang, cure & smoked all of our pork to ensure the highest standards of products. We smoke our meats using traditional wood chip from beech trees, as to not overpower the flavour  of the meat during the smoking process as all of our “SMOKED” range is smoked for a day. The end result is incredible. Our curing process is ‘dry cure’ which gives us a completely unique flavour. Although it takes more time and is more expensive- this ensures that Puddledub products are remembered for their taste and flavour.


Our Philosophy is simple. Each step from the outdoor bred pigs we use, to the butchering and

preparation of our products, it is thoughtfully done with care from conception to consumption.

All of our pigs are outdoor bred and reared on a local family farm, fed on barley and bedded on loose straw.  Animal welfare- how the pigs are cared for, their health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to us. Without Happy Pigs, we would have great pork as a starting point for our products.


We believe produce with low food miles that hasn’t been shipped half way around the world is tastier.

Read more about our hand cut bacon and traditionally hand linked sausages.

Our Pork is hung for up to 7 days which allows the flavour to develop fully and help us produce truly
marvellous pork to be enjoyed. Our team of Scottish Craft Butchers have over 160 years experience between them.
We use traditional methods to make our dry cured bacon, mild cured hams and pork sausages, by hand, with real ingredients
and skills that have been practised for centuries. We are immensely proud of all our products and know you will love them too.

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