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Order your Christmas Turkey

Placing your Christmas turkey order with Puddledub

This year we have Gartmorn Christmas Turkeys available to order by phone.  Call us now to discuss your order on 01592780246.

We are taking online orders for all other Christmas items. Shop now

Shop Puddledub Christmas

We are taking Turkey orders via phone and our local Butcher shops in Kirkcaldy and Dobbies, Dunfermline to help us manage order numbers. We are not accepting online turkey orders however you can order all the Christmas trimmings like streaky bacongluten free stuffing and chipolatas here via our website. 

We anticipate demand increasing for smaller sized birds to encourage you to place your order as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Call the farm now 01592780246 to place your order.

2020 Turkey Prices

Please note all whole birds are free range and supplied by Gartmorn Farm, Alloa.

Size of TurkeyWhite TurkeyBronze Turkey
Turkey Crowns  
Small approx 2.5kg£42.00£56.00
Medium approx 3.5kg£57.40£71.40
Large approx 4.5kg£72.80£86.80
Turkey BreastWeightPrice
Turkey butterfly (boneless)5 to 6kg£13.69/kg
Turkey Rolled (boned and rolled)2 to 6kg£12.60/kg

How much turkey will I need?

Knowing how much you need per person can be useful. Larger or smaller appetites will vary quantities. 

Size of Turkey (kg) lbsApprox number of people it will feed. 
4kg8.8lbs4 to 6 people
5kg11lbs6 to 9 people
6kg12.2lbs9 to 11 people
7kg15.4lbs11 to 14 people
8kg17.6lbs14 to 16 people
9kg19.8lbs16 to 18 people
Turkey Crowns  
1.5kg3.3lbsApprox 6 people
2.5kg5.5lbsApprox 10 people
3.5kg7.7lbsApprox 14 people

If turkey isn’t your thing, we have our award-winning Christmas Hams and Gammons available to purchase online. 

Shop Puddledub ham and gammon

We also offer all the trimmings including streaky bacon, stuffing, chipolatas as well as gluten free chipolatas and gluten free sausagemeat stuffing. Shop now.

Gluten Free Chipolatas
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