How to cook a Puddledub gammon

How to cook a Puddledub gammon

One way to cook you own gammon

Here at Puddledub, there are 2 questions we are often asked about gammon.

‘What’s the difference between gammon and ham’ and ‘do I need to soak a gammon before cooking?’

A gammon is simply an uncooked ham. It’s the same cut and once cooked, the name changes.

No you don’t need to soak a Puddledub gammon. Gammons do need soaking when cured with large amounts of salt however Puddledub gammons are mild cured and therefore don’t require soaking prior to cooking.



1. To work out your cooking time, allow 20 minutes per lb (1lb is 454g) plus an extra 20 minutes.
2. Place the gammon in large pot, cover in cold water, bring to the boil and simmer.
3. Remove joint from the pan when you approach the last 15-20 mins of cooking time.
4. Let it cool a little, if time allows, and then drain the joint. Strip off the rind and score the fat (into diamond patterns if desired). Stud with cloves and cover joint with a glaze. A simple glaze can be made from mixing together brown sugar (soft or demerara), a little butter and French mustard. Or orange marmalade and lemon juice is another simple but tasty glaze option.
5. Spread the glaze over the gammon and put it into the oven on a rack or on some foil in a roasting tin. Bake it at 200*C for the remaining cooking time.
6. The gammon joint can be served hot (with a sauce) or cold.

Little twist
• You can simmer the gammon in cider or non-diet Coke instead of water for a tasty twist.

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