What makes the best bacon in the world?

What makes the best bacon in the world?

What makes the best bacon? Well as with many things, it all comes down to personal taste. Your preference in the balance between meat (texture) versus fat (flavour) will pretty much guide your decision as to which bacon you think is the most delicious in the world! Scroll down for our video guide.

Here at Puddledub, we love our bacon and have spent a long time getting the taste absolutely right. From breeding and raising our own Puddledub pigs to the dry curing and traditional hand crafted methods used, we don’t cut any corners to bring you the very best bacon we can.

Puddledub produces 5 different cuts of bacon, each offering a different taste experience. And don't worry, if it seems daunting, we're always available to help or discuss your requirements.

All our Puddledub bacon is dry cured which means there is very little shrinkage when cooked, unlike many supermarket or mass produced bacon which can have large amounts of added water. We dry cure our bacon using just enough curing salts to get the perfect texture and maximum flavour. As every cut is different, each one is weighed individually and the curing salts rubbed into the meat ensure all parts are reached and cured equally.

As with any meat, different parts of the animal produce different textures and flavours. Again with any meat, fat equals flavour so we have 5 different cuts of bacon for you to choose from. 

  1. Middle - this is our award winning cut and called as such as it’s taken from the middle of the pig. Essentially a streaky and back bacon in one cut, excellent flavour and texture. 
  2. Back bacon - our best seller due to the depth of flavour and texture. Great if you like your bacon meaty with little fat. Dry cured and available smoked or unsmoked.
  3. Gigot bacon - this is taken from the leg so it’s hard working muscle that is in this cut. Our leanest cut of bacon for those looking for less fat.
  4. Shoulder - not as hard working as the leg muscles but great marbling through this cut and that means great flavour. Not the prettiest but fantastic texture and flavour.
  5. Streaky bacon – much more fat on this cut which is means its very succulent and juicy. Ideal also for sealing in moisture and adding flavour to a roast or large cut of meat.
  6. Bacon lardons - dry cured and chopped, these are little pieces of middle bacon, all ready for quick cooking. Great for adding to casseroles, topping a pizza or for adding depth to a quick pasta supper. Available smoked or unsmoked.

All our bacon cuts are available as smoked or unsmoked.  Our smoke house uses beechwood chipping and our smoker adds a great depth of flavour to our bacon. 

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