How we make our Puddledub Sausages

Puddledub Ploughman Sausages

How we make our Puddledub Sausages

Here at Puddledub we take time and effort to make the very tastiest sausages we can. We've been making sausages with our homegrown pork for almost 20 years. Unlike other farmers, selling our homegrown pork directly to our customers gives us the chance to find out what our customers enjoy about products and hone the Puddledub taste into something that you will remember.


1. Finest homegrown pork.

We only use the freshest pork made from the finest cuts of shoulder pork from our homegrown pigs, with never any trim, filler or fat cuts to ‘cheaply’ bulk them with. For us it’s not the percentage of meat but what meat cut is used. 97% meat doesn’t mean they are better than 80%, often you’ll find in highest meat content they don’t have any texture or flavour.

2.  Real flavour.

We are very proud of our pork and its natural flavour. This means we don’t need to add a lot of seasoning and ingredients to make our sausages stand out. What we do use, is carefully mixed with the meat by hand. We only use subtle flavours that compliment the meat, as the idea isn’t to overpower it. Many of our most popular sausages recipes are still the ones that we started with almost 20 years ago!

Our most popular sausages are 'Just a Plain Pork sausage' and 'Honey and Mustard'. Believe it or not Just a Plain pork sausage is seasoned simply with salt and pepper and that's it! Our Honey & Mustard is pork, real honey and mustard.

Other bestsellers include; Sweet Chill Sausagesi, Pork and apple sausages, Pork and leek sausages, The FIFER, Nicely spiced sausages and Auchtertool Original.

We also have a great range of award winning Gluten Free Sausages which have won 3 gold star awards this year from the Scottish Craft Butcher Federation.

3. Natural casing.

We only use real sausage casing for an authentic taste. Many butchers and sausage makers have turned to the use of collagen skins as they are significantly cheaper than using real sausage casing, however we feel strongly that we can never compromise on quality and taste.

4. Hand made.

All our sausages are traditionally linked by hand, the old fashioned way, taking time and care not to rush the cutting and packing, so we never compromise on the quality of our sausages.

So now you know our secrets, you can try them for yourself!

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