5 things you won't find in the supermarket

5 things you won't find in the supermarket

Here at Puddledub, we make all our own products, using our own homegrown Pork and other local meats. 

1. Unlike visiting a supermarket, buying from Puddledub involves no middle man and no mark up. You are paying what it costs to produce great tasting high welfare pork and nothing else. Read more

2. Provenance you can trust. We offer local food with low food miles and complete traceability. Every part of the food chain, from breeding our pigs to the finished product on your plate, we do ourselves so there's no cutting corners. We believe happy, healthy pigs produce the most succulent pork and bacon. This means our animals' health and welfare are of the utmost importance to us. Read more

3. Whilst others have opted to mechanised their food production, we still opt for traditional hand made methods. All our sausages are still traditionally hand linked and use natural rather than synthetic casing to enhance their texture and flavour. 

4. Rather than restricting your choice, we offer over 20 flavours of pork sausages and 6 flavours of gluten free sausages.

5. With wins in both the Scottish Craft Butcher Awards and the Great Taste Awards, you can try the delicious Puddledub taste for yourself.  Shop now